3 Interesting Facts About 3 Well-Known Businesses

Domino’s Pizza
In the year 1961,just a little under a year the brothers Tom and James Monaghan had purchased a pizza restaurant,DomiNick’s,for $500.After eight months of running DomiNick’s together as a partnership,James Monaghan came up with the bright idea to give his stake in the company to his brother for a used Volkswagen Beetle.
Ben & Jerry’s
Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield thought of running a bagel shop instead of an ice cream shop at first.They changed their minds when they checked out how much it would be to buy all the bagel equipment.So in 1978,they both took a $5 course on ice cream making at Penn State University.They then took $12,000,$4,000 which was borrowed and converted an old gas station in Burlington.Vermont into a “Ben & Jerry’s Homemade”.
After raising nearly $90 million,$4 million to charity,Fred Smith successfully founded “Federal Express” in 1971.Unfortunetely 3 years later due to raising fuel costs the company was on he verge of “bankruptcy”.With nobody to give loans or investors to invest the company only had $5,000.With that $5,000 Fred Smith decided to gamble with it in Las Vegas and brought back $32,000,which could keep the airplanes with gas and keep the company afloat for a while.Shortly after,he raised $11 million and in 1976 Federal Express made its first profit of $3.6 million.Now the company is worth 23-25 billion dollars.

How Search Engines Really Work

Search engines use electronic devices called “spiders” which scan your website and find out if you are copying any content from another website.If so this is how you get “blacklisted”which means that the search engine,for example Google,takes your rankings down and nobody will know about your site using Google which brings average %70 of all traffic generated.

Relevance is a search engines top priority for ranking websites.People when they search want a website that has the exact information they want.The domain name of the site is a big role in relevance but not as much as content.Content is king.Let me get back to the point,If you search in BradleyIsCool my blog comes up first obviously,because of my content and especially the domain name.My moms website www.reggaetonfever.com is ranked 4 if you search reggaeton on google.That is because of the amazing content.

Each search engine has different formulas that constantly change but evaluate relevance to rank you on the search engine.

Why Most Affiliate Blogger Don’t Last Long

There are many reasons why affiliates stop.The average time an affiliate’s blogging lasts is about a year or 200 posts.Not long at all.

When affiliates start their blog they usually are always crazy about it and want everyone to see how SMART they are.They are very smart though so don’t get me wrong about that.

But how long can they keep that value?Seriously.

Here at BradleyIsCool I post basically just how to make money online,some games here and there,interesting news,and basically anything that interests me.

So the point is that the more savvy the blogger becomes,the less people he/she can actually help by sharing knowledge.

The blogs you see that are successful,make a lot of money,and continue to grow are ones that stay on that basic level that can relate to tons of people.Meaning millions of them!

Sites like John Chow and Pro Blogger are extremely good at this.I believe its because a lot of their content is from guest bloggers that are on the basic level and can deliver value.

So far this has all been thinking positively.Sadly a lot of people who start blogs eventually get big enough that they just can’t handle the fame.The first time they get haters they crawl into a hole and never come back out.