Going Golfing With My Dad

Madison Green Golf Club Logo
The other day me and my dad went to Madison Green Golf course and played some golf.Madison Green Golf Course is ranked at the top 5 golf courses in Florida and in the top 100 nation wide.It is ranked four and a half stars from Golf Digest (a golf magazine).

When me and my dad got there the guy got us ready by taking the golf clubs out of my dads Mercedes-Benz and putting them on the golf cart.Inside the golf cart is a GPS that shows you what hole your on and shows you a tutorial of the hole once you are at the beginning of the hole.

The weather was staggering hot at 105 degrees Fahrenheit.The about 5 minutes later a thunder storm comes and it starts pouring and thundering and lightning.So unfortunately we only got to play play nine holes.But if you don’t like the weather in Florida wait 5 minutes!

Going To Lake Lure,NC

Lake Lure,NC
Hey guys just wanted to let you know I might not be blogging as much as I normally do because tomorrow early in the morning I am going to be on my way to Lake Lure,North Carolina.There I will be staying in a two-story log cabin,2 and a half miles away from Lake Lure itself.It’s an 11 hour drive to Lake Lure so it will be a two stop trip.First we are going to be in Savannah,Georgia.Its the most pretty city in the USA as of the locals opinion.

Well I hope I will have great time and will see you guys in about 1 week and a half.

Thanks For Reading,
Bradley Nordstrom