The Market For Online Retail

Online sales for the year of 2009 was over $155 billion and are expected to be double by 2014!Online retail sales for only 6% of total retail sales.The top online sales were travel,computer hardware and software,auto parts,followed by apparel,accessories,and footwear.

Vertical Search-Searching a market by a specific market by a specific business category is ready for growth.This includes the computer category,software,video games,baby products and toys.Growth rates for pet supply,cosmetics,and fragrance categories are expected to rise by 30%,suppressing all other growth rates.

My DJ Equipment

I’ve been into DJaying for a while and now I’ve got the equipment in my room!I have all kinds of music that I mix from reggae to house.

When I get really good I might go to some parties and Djay.I already Djay for my dads parties and make $20-$40 a night depending on my awesomeness.

Now when I practice I’ll probably soon be making $100 a night!Imagine that.Wells anyways thanks for reading on BradleyIsCool.Com.

Bradley Nordstrom

P.S.In a few weeks when I’m amazing I’ll post my records.

An AmAzInG Super Bowl Win

Super Bowl 2012
Hey guys this evening the New York Giants played against the New England Patriots in the “Super Bowl” (american football championship-big deal!) in the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

At the end with just a minute to go the Giants score and are in the lead 21-17.Then after the kick at 5 seconds remaining Tom Brady throws the ball a good 55 yards into the end zone…the ball is tipped……….and the victory goes to the New York Giants with a final score of Giants 21,Patriots 17 🙂

Good Job Giants!