A Good Day Without The Weather In Mind

Today was an okay day if you don’t talk about the weather because it was not very good.It has been raining since the morning,but the rest of the day was nice.I walked to school,did my Palm Beach Wrights,did what I would do normally in school,then walk back home in the drizzling rain.It wasn’t that bad but still the dark sky looked like a monster with rain coming from the mouth of it.

The first thing I did today was make my delicious yellow banana shake and ate some whole grain cereal for breakfast.Then I walked my dogs outside and off I went to school.On the way to school I caught up with my friends from Sweden,Vincent.When we got to school he went to talk to his other 8th grade friends while I went to the media center and hit the books.I was studying for my test then I went to the computer to read a article about the hurricane in the Gulf Of Mexico.When the bell rang I went to my first class which was science and we got to measure objects around the room with a pan balance.It was pretty fun and you got to learn at the same time.

After math I went to lunch,put my backpack at my seat,and raced to the lunch line before it built up.At lunch I got a spicy chicken sandwich and an Arizona Iced Tea.The chicken sandwich actually had a little kick to it but I still ate it all because I was hungry after math,science,and team leadership.

After lunch I went to my language arts class and took the Palm Beach Wright which is a test that the whole school district takes to see how well you can write by using adjectives,five correctly placed paragraphs,words spelled correctly,and to see the statements are used correctly.In this case my class had to wright about a job they would want to have/be when they are older.I chose I would be a CEO/President of a big company.My 3 reasons where the money you would make to donate to charities,I would make good decisions for the company,and because it runs in my family.Overall I think I did pretty well on the test and hopefully I got a 6 which is the highest score as 1 is the lowest.

After the rest of my classes I walked back home with Vincent and then when I was home I walked my dogs before it would start to pour as it did later on today.Then I started a report on Interact (A non-profit organization that helps charities and is similar to Rotary,which is who created Interact)and then started reading my book I got a few days ago and today i finished it.The book was Millions by Frank Cottrell Boyce.It was a very interesting book but a little too easy.

That concludes my day!I hope you guys have a great day without miserable weather like in Wellington.