How To Make Money From Your Ads On Your Blog

You have been trying as hard as you can to get money from your ads on your website but you get $0.00.You hate working so hard and getting nothing in return.Well now I am going to get that changed to making some extra money on your blog or website.

The first thing you need are advertisements on your blog.Not to many though because people will think your blog is spam.One way to get ads is sign up for an “Publisher” on an affiliate website like peerfly or blogads.After you have signed up pick some ads,paste the code on your blog,and well um.No money is coming in!Crap!Well the way to get money from your ads on your blog is to get traffic to your blog.One way is to buy traffic (if you do not want to spend time getting traffic to your blog) and naturally (which takes more time and sometimes works but not all the time.Ex.Comment on other blog,social networks,and other ways like that).

So yes without traffic to your blog you will make $0.00 (nothing).The more traffic to your blog the more money is going to come in.You choose “Paid” or “Natural”?

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  1. Wow, this is really concise earn-online-stuff. The illustration speaks of it all. Makes me want to work harder in monetizing my blog.
    Thanks for sharing ideas kid! You’re an inspiration!

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