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An Amazing Day In Lake Lure And Chimney Rock

Today I woke up at about 10 in the morning and had a good brunch.It was a Peruvian dish called “Peruvian Stuffed Peppers” in English.In Peruvian it’s called “Rocoto Relleno”.What it is,is stuffed bell peppers with ground beef,cheese,and hot peppers.Man after you done you mouth is on fire.Literally.

After brunch I went down to play some pool and watch a show on MTV called Silent Library.Its a pretty funny show.

Then we went to downtown Lake Lure and took a senic boat tour around Lake Lure that took roughly one hour.The cool thing was that we got to go where the famous scene from Dirty Dancing where Patrick Swaze holds Jeniffer Gray in the air like superman.

After the tour we spent about a half hour at the rocky broad river that passes through Lake Lure.It was fun climbing and crossing the river on the rocks.

Lake Lure Facts:

Lake Lure was man made and complete in 1927

A river passes through Lake Lure and a dam let’s the same amount of water that comes in out because if the water level is to high or low the houses will be either submerged or their boats will be stuck in the ground

A cemetery is buried at the bottom of Lake Lure.Some of the bodies were dug up but most are still there.

I Made It!!!

Hey guys it’s Bradley and I have been in Lake Lure for about 3 days.On the way up here from Palm Beach,we went to Savannah,Georgia which was beautiful and right on the edge of Georgia and South Carolina.

Then we made our way to Charleston,South Carolina.In my opinion I thought that was better than Savannah.Charleston has a lot more history and is a lot cleaner.

The first dinner we had in South Carolina was at a tiny little amazing French restaurant called Cru Cafe.That was probably the best dish I had in a long time.The only problem is that Cru Cafe is only in Charleston,South Carolina.I wish they had one in West Palm Beach.

Then after Charleston we made our way to our log cabin on Lake Lure.It’s three stories and has a really cool game room.It has a pool table,air hockey table,and a bar with a really cool stone feature that looks phenomenal.

Today we went to Chimney Rock (which we can see from our deck).There we climbed 417 steps to the rock.We could see all of Lake Lure and Chimney Rock Village.

Then we went down a good 150,200 steps to Hickory Nut falls which was one of the most amazing sites I’ve been to.There you can actually go in the pond that the water fall leads to.But don’t jump in it’s very cold and shallow.

Now I am enjoying the cabin and talking to my wonderful family.

I will post pictures when I get back home.

Thanks For Reading,
Bradley Nordstrom