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What Is Alexa?

Alexa.com shows all information of a website including its ranks on the web,links linking in,your blogs audience,and a whole bunch of cool things you could learn about websites and blogs.In this post I’ll be showing you around Alexa and get you familiar to it.Enjoy 😉

Alexa Rank

Okay,so first I want to tell you about the ranks of a website and how you can find them on Alexa.comWhen you are at the homepage of alexa you will see a search box that comes up first.Click it and enter a website name.When you do that you have all kinds of sites that have that name,so you search until you see the one you want to learn about and click “details”.You will see all kinds of information of that website.But the first and most important is the “Global Rank”.That rank as you can tell by the name is the rank of you website all over the world.#1 is Google followed by Facebook and then for third place is Youtube.

A way you can increase your rank is by Search Engine Optimization (SEO).SEO is the best at getting real people to your website instead of those SPAM machines!Ways you can improve you SEO is writing unique posts that are nowhere else and are very interesting.When a “spider” comes to your website the spider will bump your rank higher.So if you type in “money” on a search engine,your “amazing,one of a kind article” might be on the first page.That would bring you a bunch of traffic and traffic makes your “Alexa Rank” jump.Traffic=money$!

Sites Linking In

Sites linking in,in there case is reputation.The more sites that link in to yours the better your rank is.Obliviously the more sites linking in the more money you will make too.

Website Audience

In this section you can see the age of the people that view your site,if they have children,gender,their education,and their browsing location.You can also see what country most of your traffic comes from.For Google 30.1% of their traffic comes from USA,about 23% more than 2nd place,India at 2.8%.

If you would like to see more of Alexa and the other cool things it has to offer visit Alexa.com

Thanks For Reading,
Bradley Nordström