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Mr. & Mrs. Claus Day


Today my dad and mom were Mr. And Ms.Claus at the Wellington Christmas Parade.We got there early with all the Interact kids from high school.My dad dressed up as a Florida style Santa with a Hawaiian shirt,sunglasses,and a guitar.This year was rockin’ Santa.

When we got there The Gypsy’s Horse was the only bar open so we went in and some of my friends were there from my school who were on the float in front of us in the parade.As you know my dad was Santa so we were last of the parade do even though the parade started at 1:00 we got out there at around 2:00.Time went by fast by handing out all the candy and talking to some interact members.The 2 mile walk took about 2 hours.

When we go to the end we Santa (my dad) chose a raffle ticket that went toward the winner of a $30,000 car.The winner was Philip *******.He wasn’t there and when they tried calling him he wouldn’t answer so hopefully he will believe his e-mail.

After pulling the raffle everyone was around Santa asking for pictures.It was really exciting to see the kids faces when they saw him.It was like they won the kid lottery.

Later we jumped on the float and were off back to the start of the parade where our cars were.It was pretty cool going 35mph on a float especially on a sled.

We jumped in our car,went home to get dressed properly,and went to dinner at Bonefish Mac’s,a great place to hangout with friends and for fish.There I had the captain special which comes with crab cakes,delicious shrimp,Mahi-Mahi,mashed potatoes,and french fries.I barely could eat three quarters of it I was that full.

Finally we got home and my parents took another nap while I took my dog out and played FIFA 12.

Just another day in paradise. 🙂

Swedish Day In America

December 9th, 2011

Today we went to Ikea again in Plantation which is near Sawgrass and they have changed quite a bit.

Their food that they sell downstairs used to be other manufacturers like Abba,Ballerina,Anna,etc.Now they sell their own brand foods :'(

After looking and buying some foods we went upstairs to look for furniture.Their furniture is really bad quality but cheap…Walmart style in a way but Swedish.

After looking at the furniture we went to the cafe area which they have the Swedish Christmas Dinner that is $10.00 for a Swedish buffet with many Swedish dishes but not as much as last year.

After the dinner all 16 of us went to a friends house and spent some time..a lot of time.I jumped in the pool while there and drank my Gatorade.