Many blogs and people have probably told you that the easiest and quickest way to make money online is to use affiliate marketing.For those who have no idea of what affiliate marketing is or why it is a secret to money making on the internet please view my overview on affiliate marketing below.I made this video about two and a half years ago and has been a pretty big hit.

So now after watching this video on what affiliate marketing is you are probably wondering,”so now what”.Well that is mostly what this post is about.If you ever wanted to make an income that you can live on easily,affiliate marketing is the ultimate money making tool for that.But there is one disadvantage.You have to spend time learning and practicing affiliate marketing.If you put an ad on your blog with no one coming to it,there is no point.But if you have a blog that gets 7,500+ unique visitors to it every single day than you might have a little money for that.

The main traffic source is through “Search Engines”.Search engines are the ones you get you connected with the world,especially Google.The process by earning higher rankings and getting more traffic from search engines is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The most important way to getting top notch ranking on Google for an example is your CONTENT!To most search engines Content Is King.If you have good,original content than you have the opportunity to millions of daily customers and/or visitors.

Once you get a ton of traffic from SEO than there are many other important ways to get even more traffic,and who doesn’t want online casino slot
MORE customers?!

For an example,sites linking in is also a very effective way that search engines look to rank your blog.Search engines look for relevance.

So basically what I am trying to say is that the more traffic coming to your blog/website the more money you will make with affiliate marketing on it.But you do not need a website to make money with affiliate marketing as I said in the video.You just need to sell the company’s product or refer their service in order to make your commission.

In a nut shell,search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important way to make money with affiliate marketing because you need customers to make money.

Thanks For Reading,
Bradley Nordstrom (TheYoungBlogger)