Word Of Mouth Marketing In Motion(The Delivery In 5 Minutes)

Customers in virtually every country in the world order from BikeTiresDirect.Com.Occasionally an order would come from a customer in Silicon Valley.For fun,Lou Doctor would drive his kids to the customer’s home,ring the bell,and deliver the order-allowing the boys to meet and get to know some of their customers.

One day,they an order from someone who lived just a few streets from their home.They quickly fulfilled the order,jumped in the car and drove to the customer’s home,arriving five minutes after the order had been placed.When the customer opened the door,10 year old Zachary and 12 year old Nathan were standing there,the order in their hands.Needless to say,the boys had a new customer for life.Word-Of-Mouth referrals from the delighted customer generated even more business for BikeTiresDirect.Com.